Simon Jequier

Name: Simon Jequier

Country: England, United Kingdom

Message: Hello! My name is Simon. I’m native to England, where I’ve lived and worked for many years. I really enjoy helping my students understand British culture as well as helping them improve their English skills. Every class is an opportunity to learn something new and interesting! Come and enjoy learning English with us.

Name:     Shirley Cantaros

Country:     Philippines

Message:     Hello! I’m Shirley. I like sushi and takoyaki.  I teach Active Lesson A on Wednesdays, Active Lesson C and D on Thursdays, junior and high school class on Fridays and the Family class on Saturdays. I am here to help you in learning the English language. Let’s have fun!

Name:     Kazumi Taniguchi

Country:     Shiga, Japan

Message:     Hello! My name is Kazumi. I was born in Omihachiman and have lived there for a long time. I love Omihachiman. I like watching movies. My favorite movie is “Pirates of the Caribbean” because it’s cool. I teach private classes, elementary school and high school students.

Name:     Doreen

Country:     Negros Occidental, Philippines

Message:     Hello! My name is Doreen. I like dogs and playing games. Let’s enjoy English together.

Name:        Kazumi Mizukami

Country:    Osaka, Japan

Message:    Hi!  I’m Kazumi.  I like chocolate and rice cakes. Let’s have fun!

Nome:     Ana Cristina 

País:         Brasil, Brazil

Mensagem:     Sou professora alfabetizadora há 35 anos. Atualmente trabalho com crianças de 3 a 9 anos. Também sou psicopedagoga( terapeuta), atendo crianças com dificuldades de aprendizagem. Amo os animais, principalmente os cachorros.

Akiko Sato

Name:  Akiko

Country:  Chiba, Japan

Message:  Hello!  I’m Akiko.  I have a dog. Her name is Arare. I sometimes go for a walk with Arare. If you see me in town, please talk to me. I teach Active Lesson C and D on Thursday.