🕸 YMCA English: Halloween Night!・ハロウィーンナイト! 🕷

What a SPOOK-tacular turnout this year!✨ With a little over 26 students, we were able to celebrate a fun HALLOWEEN NIGHT, which included a “guess the sound” game, a making of an icky dirt pudding (with gummy spiders 🕷 and marshmallow ghosts 👻), a walk around our neighborhood for trick-or-treating 🍭, and a costume contest 🏆 to end the FANG-tastic night. 🧛‍♂️🩸

Halloween Night 2021

Not only did we see how committed the students were to their costumes this year, but we were delighted to see such a variety of them. From the classic cat and witch costumes to homemade pumpkin 🎃 and steampunk costumes, we well as to movie/TV show 🎟 character costumes like Elsa, Batman, Nezuko, and (even) the Phantom of the Opera! 👸🦸‍♂️

Thank you to all those who had participated in this year’s HALLOWEEN NIGHT 🌕 as well as to the many helpers who made this event possible, with special thanks going to the volunteers from the Y’s Men’s Club.

Have you started thinking about your costumes for next year? Because we have! It’s an understatement to say that we can’t wait until next year! We hope to see you here again! 😁

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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