Name:     Emily N.

Country:     Shiga, Japan

Message:     Hi, everyone! I’m Emily. I am the Director of the Language Department, which means that if I am not teaching a class, you will see me downstairs at reception. I look forward to meeting you!

Name: Simon J.

Country: England, United Kingdom

Message: Hello! My name is Simon. I’m native to England, where I’ve lived and worked for many years. I really enjoy helping my students understand British culture as well as helping them improve their English skills. Every class is an opportunity to learn something new and interesting! Come and enjoy learning English with us.

Name:     Shirley C.

Country:     Philippines

Message:     Hello! I’m Shirley. I like sushi and takoyaki.  I teach elementary, junior high school, high school and adult at YMCA. I am here to help you in learning the English language. Let’s have fun!

Name:     Kazumi T.

Country:     Shiga, Japan

Message:     Hello! My name is Kazumi. I was born in Omihachiman and have lived there for a long time. I love Omihachiman. I like watching movies. My favorite movie is “Pirates of the Caribbean” because it’s cool. I teach private classes, elementary school and high school students.

Name:     Doreen C.

Country:     Negros Occidental, Philippines

Message:     Hello! My name is Doreen. I like dogs and playing games. Let’s enjoy English together.

Name:     Lacey Ann D.

Country:     Montego Bay, Jamaica

Message:     Hello! My name is Lacey Ann, please call me Lacey. I’m a Caribbean girl, born in Jamaica. I like adventure and enjoy hiking, watching movies and visiting new restaurants and places. I like Japanese food such as: yakiniku, ramen, sushi, rice toppings, yakitori, and rice cake. 

Name:     David W.

Country:     Michigan, America

Message:      Hello! My name is David. I like music and reading comics. I have a cat. If you see me, please say “hello”.

Name:     Masako N.

Country:     Shiga, Japan

Message:     My message for my students is, “Everything happens for the best!”

Name:     Kazumi M.

Country:     Osaka, Japan

Message:     Hi!  I’m Kazumi.  I like chocolate and rice cakes. Let’s have fun!

Name:  Akiko S.

Country:  Chiba, Japan

Message:  Hello!  I’m Akiko.  I have a dog. Her name is Arare. I sometimes go for a walk with Arare. If you see me in town, please talk to me. I teach elementary classes.