Kids Summer Day Program ☀ サマーディプログラム

Our Kids English Summer Day Program has sadly come to an end after two wonderful days spent with new and familiar friends. Here is a quick recap of all the fun activities we were able to do together.😊

🔸Day 1🔸

Lucked out with beautiful sunny weather ☀, our YMCA teachers welcomed our participants on the first day with a rendition of PPAP. This remixed song introduced our four groups, which uses compound words: Sunflower 🌻, Butterfly 🦋, Seashell 🐚and Watermelon🍉. After splitting into our groups, we began the day with our first craft – TIE-DYE T-SHIRTS!🎨

Wow! What spectacular colors! 🌈

Then we went to our local park for lunch.🍀 It was fun to be able to enjoy the fresh air and play outdoor games together.

Later, we worked on our Popsicle Recipes! This is when we decided on our ingredients for our popsicle creation.🍦

Let’s collect our fruits and make our popsicles. 🥝🍍🍌🍊🍓🍐

Yum… I wonder how it will turn out.😋

🔸Day 2🔸

Another beautiful day for jam-packed fun! After moving and dancing along to our summer/Hawaiian themed Hula Pocky song🎶, we received our TIE-DYE T-SHIRTS!

Our t-shirts turned out amazing… or should we say, SUPER GROOVY!🔮

Then, off to our Treasure Hunt! 🗺🎁✨ We need to work together to collect our puzzle pieces.

What do these pieces make? 🧩

It’s YMCA! We need to go back to Shiga YMCA to do our surprise craft…

It’s a name bracelet!✨ We are all very focused on making our very own designs. What do you think?🤔

After having our lunch, we headed off to the park to play some water games.💧 Get you get wet? Yikes!😱

Then for some fun relay games!🥇

And most anticipated activity of all, water balloon fight! Were you able to get our teachers? We sure think you did.😂 (Below, you can see how Charlotte is trying to defend herself using TWO water guns.)

To wrap up, we ended our program enjoying the ice popsicles we made the day before. YUMMY~!🌈

Thank you all for coming to our English Summer Day Program. We hope you had as much fun as we did!✨

L-R: Charlotte, Laury, Emily, Stephanie and Christine

We hope to see you again soon!🌈


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